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A sad farewell.... - Jul 12, 2019

This academic year we say a sad farewell to….


Miss Bell

We would like to wish Miss Bell good luck in her new and exciting teaching post and thank her for her contribution to Swalwell Primary School. Miss Bell has been with us since September 2015 working mainly in Key Stage 2 and has organised several school fairs, supported Year 5 children at Kingswood and arranged many fun and educational school visits.


Mrs Clarkson

We also say a sad farewell to Mrs Clarkson who has supported our ARMS children in Key Stage 2 since September 2012. Mrs Clarkson is a valued member of staff, who is always cheerful, funny, kind and willing to help everyone. We would like to wish her good luck for the future.


Miss Uddin

Miss Uddin joined Swalwell School in January as our Year 3 Teacher. Miss Uddin is a cheerful, friendly member of staff who has been involved in all f our activities at school. We wish her good luck in her new teaching post.


Miss Innes

Miss Innes joined Swalwell School in April to support our Key Stage 2 ARMs children. Miss Innes has quickly fitted into the Swalwell family supporting children at Kingswood, arranging and delivering activities at After School All Stars and helping everyone at Breakfast Club. We would like to wish Miss Innes good luck in her future endeavours.

All four members of staff will be missed greatly by pupils and staff.