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Breakfast Club is back! - Sep 22, 2020


From Monday 28th September we will be in a position to offer breakfast club once more. The arrangements we will be putting in place will be in line with our COVID-19 risk assessments. The systems we will use will allow the children to remain in their class or phase bubbles. Please note, breakfast club will need to run slightly different to what we did before lockdown. 


In order for this to happen, we have had to make some changes to our start and finish times. Please take time to read this letter.  


What time will breakfast club start?    8:15am  


Do I need to book my child in?  No. But if you wish to use the breakfast club, please complete the attached slip. This will give us a rough idea for ordering food etc. 


What food and activities will be on offer?  Staff will serve toast, cartons of juice, fruit, cereal bars and yoghurts. At present, children’s activities will be inside school such as drawing, listening to music and ipads. 


Where do I drop my child off for breakfast club?  Due to social distancing restrictions this will be slightly different to last year. From Monday 28th September, if your child wishes to attend breakfast club they need to go to: 


Year Group Where will breakfast club be held? 
Nursery Hall (go to the Hall door) 
Reception  Hall (go to the Hall door) 
Hall (go to the Hall door) 
Hall (go to the Hall door) 
Year 3 classroom 
Year 4 classroom 
Year 5 classroom 
Year 6 classroom 


We will still continue to use the one -way system. We feel this is working well. All children who wish to attend breakfast club come through the main Key Stage Two gate (Gate A) and drop their child into the room detailed in the table above. 


I do not want to use breakfast club, what time does my child start school and where do I go?    In order to safely staff our breakfast club provision, we need to amend our start and finish times. The new times FROM MODAY 28TH SEPTEMBER will be: 


Year Group School Day 
Nursery 9:00am– 3:15pm 
Reception  9:00am– 3:15pm 
9:00am– 3:15pm 
9:00am– 3:15pm 
8:45am – 3:00pm 
8:45am – 3:00pm 
8:45am – 3:00pm 
8:45am – 3:00pm 


Key stage Two children continue to come through the main gate onto the Key Stage Two yard (Gate A) and drop your child at their classroom door. Leave the site by the Key Stage One gate (Gate B).  


If your child is in Key Stage One or Early Years, please walk through the Nursery garden and leave the site through the Key Stage One gate (Gate B).  


We are really pleased with how our one-way system is working and wish to keep this in place, to help support the safety of our children, staff and community.  


I have a child starting at 9:00am and one at 8:45am, what do I do?  If you have a child in Reception who starts at 9:00am and one in Year 3 who starts at 8:45am, drop the Reception child into breakfast club in the Hall and the Year 3 child at their class door for 8:45am.  


At the end of the day, collect your Year 3 child from their class door at 3:00pm and walk around to Reception classroom to collect your child for 3:15pm.  


I appreciate some parents in Years 5 and 6 may have planned their working day around an 8:30am start and this timetable changes your start time; however, from Monday 28th you will be able to use our breakfast club.  Breakfast club will still be free to all pupils. 


Please remember the importance of social distancing whilst on site.  


Many thanks for your time and support as we put the next stage of our plan into practice.  


Take Care. Stay Safe.


Mrs Rachel Hocking