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Heroes Stamp Design Competition - Apr 29, 2021


Millions of key workers have kept the country going during the COVID-19 pandemic when many others were told to stay home and there have been many people who volunteered to help in their communities. Royal Mail wants to celebrate and honour these heroes by producing a set of eight stamps.


The stamps will feature designs created by eight school-aged children. They are asking children to think about who their hero or heroes are, and to then design a stamp in their honour.  A special panel of judges will pick the winning designs and the final eight stamps will be sent to Her Majesty The Queen before they can be printed and issued.

Royal Mail are launching a competition and any child from 4-14years old can take part to help design these stamps! We are launching the competition in school this week.


Below is a data protection letter that informs parents and carers about how the child’s name and age, along with school name and postcode will be used.  Any child who does not qualify for finalist nominations will have their data deleted by 30th September 2021.  We are entering as a school, so children will have their school name and school postcode entered – not their private residential addresses.  Please click on the image below to access the letter.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to think that a child/children in our school could have their designs made into actual stamps that you can be purchased at the shops! There are also vouchers/ money for school and children who reach the Regional Final Stage.


Come on team Swalwell, let’s see what you can do. Good Luck