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Health and Safety Advice

Following the tragedy where three children have died and one is in a critcal condition after falling into an icy lake, please can you take some time to read the below safety advice from Gateshead Council Health & Safety department.


• Ensure that children are not playing near lakes or ponds that are icy. Ensure that you know where your children are playing.

• If someone has fallen into an icy lake, do not enter to rescue them, as you could be putting yourself in danger. Call 999 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service. If you are able to lie on the bank and safely throw them a rope, life buoy / ring or pole, without endangering yourself, then do so. Provide reassurance.

• If you cannot reach the person with a rope, then throw them a plastic bottle or football if you can to use as a floating device.

• If you fall into an icy lake, try to keep calm, call for help and try to keep still

• Stay away from the likely edge of any water bodies, as it may not be obvious where that edge is and the ground underneath might be uneven and will be slippery

• Keep away from areas where there are water bodies, particularly if the route is poorly lit

• Do not walk dogs near water bodies that are icy, in case they fall into the water. Do not throw sticks or toys near to icy water bodies.

• If a dog falls into the water, do not go into the water to rescue them. Find an area where the dog could climb out and call it to you.


Stay safe!