Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Ofsted Report from Inspection on 25 February 2021 - Mar 11, 2021

Dear Parent/ Carers,


Ofsted Report from Inspection on 25 February 2021


I hope you are all well in these challenging times, and that you are making the most of the children’s return to school!

Attached to this letter is a copy of a report from Her Majesty’s Inspector on behalf of Ofsted and in relation to an inspection of the school that took place remotely on 25 February 2021. The report sets out Ofsted’s latest findings and what they see as the next steps for our school.


I thought it might assist for me to set out the ‘headline’ points from the report (although I would still encourage you to read it in full if you have the time!):


  1. Leaders are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances;
  2. The headteacher has brought stability to the school;
  3. Staff are united in their ambition to raise curriculum and standards;
  4. They have a sensible plan in place to tackle any gaps in pupils’ learning when all pupils return to school;
  5. Teachers, specialists and therapists all contribute to the school’s online learning platform. This supports and encourages pupils to meet their individual needs; and
  6. Leaders and governors place great emphasis on staff’s workload and wellbeing…Leaders lead by example and staff appreciate this.


I am sure you will not be surprised to see that the HMI concluded that leaders are taking effective action to provide education in the current circumstances. It is clear from the Parent View surveys completed for Ofsted and the feedback we have received on our own questionnaires that Swalwell’s provision for remote and in-school learning during the last year has been effective and appreciated by parents, carers and pupils. Thank you for your contributions in that regard – we do not underestimate the value of those.


For some time now, our main aim for Swalwell has been to achieve stability and consistency, in order to create a nurturing environment for children to learn and thrive. I am very pleased to see that Ofsted agree that we, and Mrs Hocking in particular, have achieved that aim, although clearly the hard work does not stop now!


I do hope you can read the enclosed report because it is an honest and accurate representation of where the school stands today but also because it is a real endorsement of the changes and progress that have been made in recent times.


Finally, I would like to thank you all for the incredible efforts made to support the school and the children throughout the last year. As everyone returns to school, the wellbeing of children and staff is of course the primary focus, but we are all also looking forward to seeing the continued progress of the school and its pupils.


With best wishes,


Lucy Gray

Chair of Governors, Swalwell Primary School