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Phonics and Reading Information for Parents - Nov 29, 2019


Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters


• Alphabetic code (sounds) is taught in a specific order.
• The phonics book that is sent home will only include code the children have learnt in class.
• A non-decodable book is sent home to be read with the child by an adult. The children will not be able to use their current phonic knowledge to read these books.
• How you can help when reading phonic books:
1. Allow them to attempt to decode (read) the words, encouraging them to use their phonics.
2. Tell them the code (sound) they are struggling with or you sound the word out for them to hear.
3. If they still cannot say the word tell them – do not allow them to guess.
4. There will be tricky words in books that cannot be sounded out – if the child does not know the word tell them.
5. Talk about the story as much as possible to support their knowledge of the world and extend their vocabulary.
6. Children need to learn to re-read books to build their fluency and confidence with reading.


• Phonics journals:
– These will be passed between school and home.
– A new sheet will be added each time they have completed learning the code in class (approximately every 2 days).
1. Practice the code(s) and use the picture clue (‘ff as in cuff’).
2. Children underline the focus code saying it out loud each time.
3. Children read the words to an adult, ticking what they know and circling what they don’t.
4. Some sheets – practise writing the letters correctly.
5. Say the words of the pictures and on some sheets write the words or sentences to read.
6. Draw a picture with the focus code and write the word/ sentence to match.
7. Some sheets – Say the sound strip at the bottom to practise previously learnt code.
8. Challenge – Say letters, words or sentences for your child to write in the phonic journal (count the sounds they can hear to support them)


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