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Year 6 End of Year Events June 29, 2021

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 6 Pupils,

I hope this finds you well. Please take a few minutes to read the information in this letter which depicts our plans for our Year 6 leavers 2021.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our ‘usual’ events. As a council maintained school, we must strictly follow the risk assessment set by Gateshead Council, which has been written with public health knowledge, government guidelines and union advice.

For some time now, it has been our goal to ensure we keep the children, staff and therefore wider community of our school safe from the virus. I believe, together, we are doing an amazing job to achieve this aim. In planning the events for our 2021 leavers, we do so with the aim and risk assessment which have served us well. We all know, once again, the virus is rising.

Therefore, we have spoken with the children to gain their thoughts and views as to what they would like to spend their last few weeks in school doing. Below, descries the events and arrangements.

Friday 9th July 

Sports Day. Children are invited to come to school in their PE kit. We have booked our school sports provider to deliver the events to the children. We are confident this will be memorable for the children. Parents will be unable to attend; however, plenty of pictures will be available on our Facebook page and website. More information to follow.

Monday 12th July

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 will have a ‘fun afternoon’. Children are welcome to bring a scooter/bike into school. We will set a ‘track’ on the yard for children to use. Music will be played. Games and activities available. We will provide ice lollies and a drink for the children to enjoy. More information will follow.

Tuesday 13th July

Whole school Beach themed day. The catering team will provide children fish and chips in a box and we have arranged for an ice-cream van to come to school for an outdoor treat. What will the weather do?! More information will follow.


As a parting farewell, we will be providing children with a small gift which we hope summarises their time and memories of our school. Their leavers hoodie and autograph books will be part of this.

Children are welcome to wear their hoodies for the last two weeks of term.

Children’s Choice

The children have requested a few ‘wishes’ which they would like to experience before the end of the year. As a staff team we will endeavour to make as many of them come true during the last week.

These include:

  • Movie afternoon with hot chocolate and popcorn
  • PJ Day
  • Arts and crafts
  • Football match on the ball court
  • Extra break times
  • A water fight

More details to follow.

Leaver’s Assembly

We are in the process of collating a leavers’ assembly DVD for you all. Staff have cleverly devised a way we can record everyone’s part despite potential bubble closures/absences/isolations. The final product will be saved onto a memory stick for you to enjoy. In line with our permissions and safeguarding, a form for you to sign will be coming your way. Please return once you receive this information.

At governor level, we have discussed ways in which we can have parents/carers on site to celebrate their final days. At present we do not feel this is possible without high risk and exposure to the children and you all.


I fully appreciate this letter will bring about mixed emotions.

I thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

Take Care. Stay Safe.


Mrs Rachel Hocking


Swalwell Primary School