Swalwell Primary School

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Year 1 Homelearning 13.5.2020



Good morning Year 1,

Phonics – We know /ee/ as in eel, /ea/ as in eat , /ey/ as in donkey, /e/ as in me and today’s code is /ie/ as in shield. What words can you find that have the /ie/ code? Where do we find that code? Remember you can practise using Book 25 on



English – Our story this week ‘Open Very Carefully’ also uses exclamation marks. We use exclamation marks to show emotions and they look like this: ! How many exclamation marks can you find in the story? What emotions do these exclamation marks show? Can you write your own sentences with exclamation marks? You migh feel excited, happy, scared or angry.
Read along with the story here:


Maths – These questions focus on days, months and weeks. Remember to practise spelling the days of the week as well.



DT – I am going to challenge you to make a crocodile like the one in our story using an egg box. There is a video here to help you:



PE – It is the third part of the dance routine today which can be found here: 

Have a wonderful day!
Mrs Leaver