Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 5th May

Good morning! How did you get on yesterday?


Did anyone do any different home learning over the last few days? Baking a cake? Learning to make a bed? Knowing how to switch the washing machine on? Playing monopoly? Let me know in the comments.


English – What was your prediction yesterday? I’m going to add a few more images today to the story.


Your job today is to write a couple of paragraphs to tell me the story so far for Mourning Dove. You could use paper or Purple Mash 2 Write so that you can sen your work to me. Remember capital letters, punctuation, similes and metaphors

Was your prediction correct?


Maths – Remind yourself how to simplify fractions like we were doing yesterday.

History – Remember yesterday I asked why Friday was special. Friday is VE Day, the celebration for the end of World War 2 in Europe – it’s called Victory in Europe Day. Friday marks 75 years since the war in Europe ended.



Research today to see if you can find these facts for me.

Where did the war officially end? which town? country?

How did the people in the UK find out?

How did the British celebrate on the 8th May 1945? How did Queen Elizabeth celebrate?

Make a poster on Purple Mash or on paper to show these facts and any others that you find.


Maths answers

Challenge answers from yesterday



Question 1 : 1/4, 5/6, 5/7

Question 2: 7/12, 2/5, 4/9, 3/4, missing number 80, missing number 18

Question 3: 45/60, 15/20, 3/4