Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Investigative science, WW2 and rugby... a busy week in Year 5!

It has been an exceptionally busy week in Year 5! 


Firstly, we designed and conducted scientific investigations inspired by our WW2 topic. Here are some of the things we were investigating...

Which material was best for creating a sound proof bunker? 

Did certain materials amplify the sound of an air raid siren?

What would be the best material for black out blinds?

What effect does the size of a parachute have on a falling object? 


We used a range of equipment to conduct our investigations including a decibel meter!


Later in the week, our Year 5 Rugby Team also had a very successful first tournament. Miss Grey was so impressed by their amazing attitude and they scored 4 brilliant tries as a result of their team work and determination. All children looked so smart in their kit and were fantastic at representing our school out in our community. Keep your eyes peeled for more rugby opportunities coming up next half term!


Questions this week:

  • What were the results of your science investigation?
  • What is a Mini Health Champion?
  • How can you pass the ball in rugby?