Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Early Years Monday 27.4.20


Good morning Early Years and welcome to a new week!


Today lets do some physical development and maths work using some home made Lycra. You will need at least two people, a large towel or sheet and a soft toy. Hold the towel/sheet stretched tight between all of the people holding it and then place your toy on the towel and see how many times you can bounce it up and down using some lovely big arm movements. Can you make your toy fly really high in the sky? If you have 5 soft toys you could sing your own version of ‘5 Little Monkeys’ counting down as each toy falls off the towel – “5 Little soft toys bouncing on the bed. 1 fell off and bumped his head. Called for the doctor and the doctor said, no more soft toys bouncing on the bed! “ and so on down to zero.


Have fun but make sure there is nothing near by that might get broken if your teddy goes flying in to it!