Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Shakespeare Stars

New half-term sees new topics and units of work, Y6 have really enjoyed all of their new learning.


In English, they have been retelling the infamous Scottish play, if you’re brave enough why not ask them what the name is…


Science has seen them travelling into outer space as they discover the secrets of our solar system. Cast your eyes to the sky to see if you can spot a star glowing red, this may not be a star but a planet! Which one?


In Geography, we began a very topical unit – New York City and the USA! The children have been very excited to learn about this city. Why not ask them where New York is, hopefully they can explain which coast they are on, which country and even the continent.


In DT, we have started to design our own moving models to create our very own Christmas window, these may even include New York or Swalwell!