Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Early Years Wednesday 20.5.20


Good morning everyone.


The weather forecast for today is good so why not try to spend some time outside – remembering to socially distance if you leave your own garden. You could have a game of hopscotch – you could tell your adult which number they need to write next or have a go at writing the numbers yourself. Don’t forget to say the numbers as you hop and jump up and down the squares.


If you enjoyed bird watching on Monday then perhaps today you could go on a bug hunt. If you look in dark corners of your garden or under large stones or logs then you never know what you might find. You could keep a tally of how many of each type of bug you find and work out which you have most of in your garden. I was moving some equipment around in the school garden yesterday and I found an earwig, woodlouse, ants, lots of spiders and something I didn’t recognise and couldn’t identify! To help you to identify the bugs you find follow the link to an identification guide from the RSPB.