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Year 6 Home Learning Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all fit and well today. The weather forecast for this week isn’t as good as it’s been recently but we can always hope that it’s wrong 


Can I just say well done Year 6, you have managed to get our class to the top place of Spelling Shed for our school. I knew we could do it. Now we just have to keep there. Sadly, we’ve dipped to 5th place in Maths shed so we need to focus on there too.


English – Similes and metaphors today.


Tell an adult in your house what a simile is and what a metaphor is. How are they different? Give an example of a simile and a metaphor to your adult. (You can check at the bottom of the page for the answers to see if you were correct)



Write at least 3 similes and metaphors for this image.

Now do the same thing for this image



Maths – Some more work on angles today. Before you start remind yourself about what we did last week.


Look carefully at the triangle in the image below? Is it correct? If you think it’s wrong, why? Could you explain it to me?

It would be impossible to draw a triangle with 2 obtuse angles.



Try this experiment with any triangles of your own? Do you find the same thing?

We can say that the angles in a triangle ALWAYS add up to make 180 degrees. You need to remember this for tomorrow.


If you have time go onto Maths Shed for a few minutes


History/Reading –  Last week I set you the World War 2 book, Buster’s Blitz, for you to read on Purple Mash. You should be up to Chapter 2 today. Read a chapter each day and then answer the quiz questions to go with each chapter to check you’re understanding. (well done to those who read Chapter 1 last week, they all got all of the quiz questions correct)


Remember to make some notes about the Blitz. What is/was the Blitz? You’ll need this for later this week


English Answers:

A simile is where you compare something to something different. It uses the word like/as

e.g As black as coal, as white as a sheet, as brave as a lion, her cheeks are red like a rose.

A metaphor also compares two things/objects but you say that something is something else

e.g He was a lion, the snow was a white blanket, Rapunzel’s hair was a flowing, yellow river.