Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 Home learning 22.5.2020


Good morning Year 1.


Phonics -This week we are practising the different code for /igh/. We have learnt /igh/ as in knight, /ie/ as in pie/y/ as in cry, /i/ as in find and the split digraph /i_e/ as in bike. Practice these codes by playing the games on the following website:


English – Yesterday you planned and drew another thing George might struggle with. Today I would like you to write the sentences to match. Try to follow the pattern of the story and use ! and ?

Maths – We are going to consolidate the skills we have been learning over the past few weeks about time. Try to solve these word problems. Remember to continue practising telling the time throughout the week.

Geography – George loves to go for walks and we get to see all of the things he passes on his way. I would like you to make a journey stick or map of one of your walks you take, either today or over the weekend. Your map could have pictures and labels. A journey stick is where you collect items you see on a walk and either tie them on to a stick or stick them on to a strip of cardboard. Below is a picture:



Have a fabulous weekend!
Mrs Leaver​​​​​​