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Year 6 Home Learning Monday 1st June

Hope that everyone has had a great half term holiday.


English – Before the holidays we were looking at Pandora and we had written an introduction. We’re going to continue this week to add a paragraph each day so that we have a non-chronological report by the end of the week.


So today we will look at the information about Pandora again. Find your notes that you made last half term about the film, where you wrote under different subheadings.

Pandora Discovered

Sigourney Weaver narrates this first look at the world of Pandora, as portrayed in James Cameron's epic new motion picture, Avatar. Opens worldwide December 18.

If you need to then you can write your notes again today. (You may have used paper or 2connect on Purple Mash) Add more detail as these notes will help you with your non-chronological report.



After you have completed your notes I want you to draw some illustrations that you can use in your non-chronological report e.g. the Na’vi, the floating mountains, the flowers/plants, the animals. You can use paper, Paint on a computer or Purple mash to draw in.


Maths – Before the holidays we concentrated on fractions. We’re going to look at decimals for the next few days.

This number line above shows 0.1, which we could say is zero point one or one tenth (1/10)



Write these place value counters as a fraction and decimal



What number is the arrow pointing to? Write it as a decimal and a fraction.

Now be careful with this next one, think about how many squares there are altogether.




The Dangers of the sun on Purple Mash has been set for you.

Research about the sun and how/why it is dangerous.

You may want to think about what the sun is made from. How hot is it? How far away from Earth is it?

Why is the sun needed for life? How do plants use it?

Why should we not look a t the sun?

How can we protect ourselves from the sun? (We may need to do this today)


Maths answers

The number line representation doesn’t belong as it shows 0.4 or four tenths. Whereas, the place value counters, fraction and number in worded form all represent 0.3 or three tenths.

0.7 and 7/10

0.9 and 9/10

0.5 and 50/100 which simplifies to 5/10 which simplifies to 1/2

0.15 + 0.25 = 0.40 or 0.4 This means that 0.6 is left