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Year 4 Home Learning Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Everyone!


There was some more fantastic work on Purple Mash yesterday. I am so impressed. I also loved the salt dough cartouche that I saw on our school Facebook page!


Here is your work for today:


English – Here are the next two pages of our story. The Prince explains to the Swallow that he is crying because there is lots of misery in his city. The Swallow tells him he is just resting there before setting off to meet his friends in Egypt but the Prince asks him to stay. What do you think the Swallow will do?


Can you think of some other things that the Prince might be able to see that make him feel unhappy?


e.g. bullying, people feeling hungry, people struggling with their work, people not looking after the environment etc.

Make a spider diagram or list of all the ideas you can think of. How do you think they make the prince feel? What do you think he will ask the Swallow to do to help? You will be using these ideas for a piece of writing on Friday.

Maths – I have set you a task on Purplemash.


Science – Today we are starting a new topic – Sound. Watch this video or read the information I have set for you on Purplemash. Once you have watched it, present the information you have learnt in your own way. Your title should be “How Sound Travels” You could create a poster, video, model, comic strip or anything else you can think of.

What is Sound?

If you enjoyed this video, you will also love the science videos from our friends at They make science videos and lesson...

Remember to ask a grown up to share your work on the school Facebook page.


Have a great day!


Miss Grey