Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 12th May

Hope you’re all well. Today would have been the Reading paper in our SATs.

I couldn’t believe it yesterday I had to clear sleet from my car as I set off to work!!! Very different from the sunshine of last week.


English – I want you to finish your poem/song/narrative from yesterday. Check back through it and look for any spelling errors, missing punctuation. Can you improve some of your word choices?

Remember if you have chosen a poem or song, they are set out very differently from a narrative.


Maths – More addition and subtraction of fractions today.

History – Remember a couple of weeks ago when we looked at the Blitz? How did the British keep safe when bombs were dropped?

What did they do?

Where did they go?

How did they know that bombs were going to fall?


Make some notes, you will need this for tomorrow.