Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 week 1 learning at home Monday and Tuesday


Listen to the story ‘My family is a zoo’ by KA Gerrard (link below)

English – Read a story to your favourite teddy. Could you change it and rewrite it so that you and your teddy are in it?

Maths – Order your toys from the shortest to the tallest, does it change if you order them from the lightest to the heaviest?

Science – Create your own zoo using pictures you draw or toys. Find out what they eat and make sure you don’t put any together that would at each other! You could make a fact sheet to go with your favourite animal.

History – Talk to your family and find out what their favourite toy was when they were younger. You could make a bar chart to find out which type of toy was the most popular.

Geography – Find out where your favourite animal comes from. How far away is it? What is the weather like there? Would you like to go there? Draw a picture to show your favourite animal in its habitat.

Phonics – Practise the two alternative codes for /ai/ and the codes for /ee/ (in pictures below).

Don’t forget to read everyday!