Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 3 Home Learning 31.3.2020


English: Write 5 expanded noun phrases to describe the creature from the picture e.g. evil, red eyes
Challenge: Use the subordinate conjunction ‘that’ to add more detail e.g. The creature has evil, red eyes that dart around looking for its prey. Rough, grey skin that helps it to camouflage as a rock.


Spelling: Practise these words this week.

Measure, treasure, pleasure, enclosure, pressure
I have set you a challenge on Spelling Shed to help you. Your log in is in the cover of your home learning book. Year 3 are currently 2nd on the leader board for spelling, let’s try to over take Year 2 with our super spelling and take the top spot!


You can also practise by doing word pyramids, syllable spelling, rainbow writing or playing spelling relay with your family.


Maths: Ask an adult if they have any coins you can borrow. What is the highest amount of money you can make with 5 coins? What is lowest amount of money you can make with 5 coins?
Challenge: Choose 5 items from your house and give them a price. Role play with someone from your house buying an item and you work out how much change they need. If they want to buy more than one item, can you work out how much they will need to pay in total?


Remember to wash your hands after handling the money!


If you don’t have any coins at home, you can also play the Toy Shop Money game online. Follow the link below


Topic: Can you create a 3D contour map of a mountain? It can be any shape and steepness as you want. You could use junk modelling materials, Lego, playdough or ask an adult if there are other materials you can use. Look at these pictures for some ideas.

You could also log onto PurpleMash and use paint to draw a contour map of a mountain. Remember to save your work so I can see what you have done.