Swalwell Primary School

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The Christmas Chronicles: Year 6 (Have Your’elf a Merry Little Christmas)

This morning, Year 6 discovered they had been invaded!

As the children came into Breakfast Club they commented that raisins had been thrown across the room, landing on the floor and desks. After an investigation it became clear that a mischievous elf from the North Pole had arrived and found the raisins pile!

A few minutes later, another elf was spotted on the windowsill reading, ‘The Cursed Child,’ with a gift of 2 Advent calendars.

At the moment, no-one is sure of their names … Year 6 will need to follow some clues to work them out.


Stay tuned for further adventures!


December 2nd 


A real surprise awaited Year 6 this morning! Overnight the elves had decorated our classroom for Christmas (well at least one of them did!)


We were given a clue to the red elf’s name by his antics! He had managed to get one of Mrs McCall’s whiteboard pens and had written all over the window, “Bah Humbug!” The Year 6 children immediately knew the name of this elf, Ebenezer, named after the character in ‘A Christmas Carol’, who doesn’t like Christmas and needs to be shown the errors of his ways.

We were fortunate to participate in a live chat with the author, Catherine Doyle, who has written a new book based on ‘A Christmas Carol’ – The Miracle on Ebenezer Street. During this she let slip that the book has an elf in it called Tricksie, who helps the Dad get his Christmas spirit back. The children all knew immediately that Tricksie was the name of our lovely green elf.


Will Tricksie help Ebenezer get into a Christmas mood?


December 3rd

Tricksie and Ebenezer had certainly been on an adventure overnight! The children found them looking at a treasure map with a scroll for them. The scroll was certainly going to put their knowledge of Geography to the test.



Our talented Geographers very quickly worked out that the elves had visited New York landmarks: The Empire State Building, Central Park and The Statue of Liberty!

Well done Year 6.


December 4th


When Year 6 came into class this morning, they found Ebenezer had wrapped up some of the children’s things… including their desk! He left a note with a maths task – if they could work out the area of the table-top that he had wrapped up they could earn 3 dojo points!

The children rose to the challenge and decided to measure the desk to check Ebenezer’s measurements. When they unwrapped their things, they found Tricksie, the good elf, had also been wrapped up and he was holding a clue!


Year 6 worked together as a great team, solved the challenge and saved Tricksie! Well done to our mathematicians in the making!

December 7th


Poor Ebenezer has not been reading over the weekend, he doesn’t realise why this is such an important part of his learning. Tricksie has locked him in a jail cell until the Year 6 children show him how important reading is for all of us.


Their challenge? To read 10,000 words on Reading Plus.


Will the children manage to reach their target and free Ebenezer?

December 8th

What will the Christmas duo get up to next?