Swalwell Primary School

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Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 30th April

I hope you all enjoyed your mini German lesson yesterday. Huge congratulations to the three of you that correctly told me the reindeer’s names Donnert and Blitzen mean thunder and flash. We’ll need this for one of the lessons today.


English – you’ve been working hard this week on similes and metaphors and they’re going to be needed for the work today and tomorrow.


First, a few more images from our story – Mourning Dove.

Make a prediction, what has happened?


Write down the emotions that you can see in their faces. Are they happy? sad? angry? disappointed? excited? (You could use a thesaurus online to help you find words that are synonyms of the emotions you’ve chosen)

Now use your simile and metaphor knowledge to describe the emotions that they are feeling.


Similes: as excited as a child on Christmas Eve; as happy as a cat seeing a saucer of milk; as grumpy as a child, who discovers that they have homework to do just as they were going to play outside.


Metaphors: The teacher erupted like a volcano; he was a lion on the battlefield.


Remember to share your amazing similes and metaphors in the comments


Maths – Maths Shed or Purple Mash. Choose which of the maths work that you want to complete

Reading – Purple Mash Buster’s Blitz

History – You have been reading about the Blitz. This is a German word Think about what you know about the Blitz from your reading about Buster and your German lesson yesterday. Why would the Blitz be linked to the names for Santa’s reindeer? Think about what happened during the Blitz.


Tell me in the comments what you think, remember to explain you’re thinking.