Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 3 Home Learning 15.5.2020

Hi Year 3.

Here are your activities for today.


English: Use the subordinate conjunctions (because, while, when, if, that, before, after) to write sentences about the Ancient Egyptians that you have learnt from your research.


Spelling: Ask someone to test you on your spellings. Practise writing any out that you didn’t get correct.


Maths: Match up your 4 times table multiplication cards and answers from your Home Learning pack. How quickly can you do it? Time yourself then muddle the cards and play again. Can you beat your score?


Play hit the button to practise answering your 4 times table as quickly as you can. How many questions can you answer correctly in 1 minute? Play again and see if you can beat your score.


Ask someone to give you a times table test to see if you can recall your 4 times table quickly.



You could also log into Mathshed to see if you can move your way up the leader board. Your log in is Home Learning book.


Science: Watch the video below about magnets.


Explain what attract and repel mean. Play the game to predict which pole will attract or repel.


PSHE: Last week it was VE day and we all celebrated by having a picnic and making decorations. After VE Day, people were awarded medals to thank them for their service during the Second World War. The colour ribbons of each medal weren’t just chosen at random – they each had a significance and were designed by King George VI himself! I would like you to design your own medals for bravery for key workers who are bravely helping to save lives and keep the country going at this difficult time. Think about the colour of the ribbons and what would be on each side of the medal. You may even want to make your medals out of salt dough or using cardboard.

Have a nice day!

Miss Foster