Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Chinese New Year

Reception have had a great afternoon finding out about Chinese New Year. We watched a shadow puppet story about how the years got their names. We talked about how this was different to our own years which all have numbers. We then found out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated, watching a dragon parade and firework display. This reminded us of Bonfire Night. For the rest of the afternoon we were all very crafty making Chinese lanterns and red money envelopes. It was a little bit tricky trying to write the Chinese symbol for tiger but we all had a go and didn't give up. We explored using chopsticks in the water tray, trying to move noodles and rice from the tray in to the bowls. To finish our afternoon we all got to have a taste of some Chinese food. We all decided that we liked the prawn crackers the best!