Swalwell Primary School

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Y6 Home Learning Monday 11th May


Hope you’re all well.


I’m really missing all of your chatting and gossiping and seeing all of your happy, smiley faces. How did your celebrations on Friday go? Did you make some bunting/cakes/decorations?


Well, it’s a strange day today – this week should have been your SATs week! It would have been SPaG this morning.

English – So if you remember last Wednesday I asked you to watch “Mourning Dove,” our film. This is what I asked you to do


  1. Watch all the way through, it’s only about 2 minutes.
  2. Watch again but this time really concentrate on the words of the song as you watch.
  3. Write down any of the words/phrases that you keep hearing, that you remember, that you feel are important. Keep this list.


You need that list of the words/phrases that you thought were important.


Below are the lyrics (the words) from the song. I’ve highlighted one phrase in yellow. Can you think why?

The part that I have highlighted is a simile. Can you identify any other similes or metaphors in the lyrics?


Your task today is to write a poem or a song or a narrative about Mourning Dove. You can use the words and phrases that you have found to help you.


You can write in on paper or use 2Write in Purple Mash. I look forward to reading them.


Maths – Fractions. Last week we practised simplifying today we’re going to remind ourselves how to add fractions. Try these questions on the Powerpoint.


Remember to draw diagrams if it helps you

Science – Purple Mash – How Light Travels

Remember to click on the boxes like the ones below – they help you and give you clues and ideas. There are 4 sets of clues here about how to put arrows on, what a light source is, about eyes and surfaces.



If you need more help then Google BBC Bitesize  Light Travels in straight lines for a video to help or type in the link below