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Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 29th April

Listening to the radio on my journey to work yesterday, I heard a great challenge that we’ll use for English today.


English -write a story in 26 words, each starting with a sequential letter of the alphabet.

I’ve started one but I’m afraid I haven’t been able to finish it. Can you help?

A boy called Daniel effortlessly fought giant hedgehogs. I just knew lurching, monstrous …

Could you write one of your own? If you can then add it into the comments so I can see it.

(Hint: words beginning with x will be difficult – Xavier (boy’s name), xylophone, x-ray. If you are really stuck you can cheat and use ex words)

Maths – How many degrees in a triangle?



An isosceles triangle has 2 angles that are the same. So this triangle adds up to 180 degrees. If one angle is 40 then I need to subtract this from 180.

180 – 40 = 140 degrees.

So the two angles that are left total 140 so to find out how big they are we need to divide 140 by 2.

Half of 140 is 70 degrees.

So the missing angles are both 70 degrees.

Now try this one



180 – 22 = _________ degrees.

Half of ________ is __________ degrees.

So the missing angles are both ____________ degrees.



German! – Santa has 9 reindeer, we all know Rudolph but there are 8 others and two of them are German! They are Donnert and Blitzen. Can you find out what their English translation is? You will need this for tomorrow. 

Who will be the first to tell me in the comments?


Spelling – Spelling Shed