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A 'Wheely-great time' at Beamish

On Friday, we braved the snow and ice to visit Beamish.

Whilst there we participated in a DT workshop looking at designing a form of transport.

We looked at images of transport through the ages to help formulate our ideas.


We then started drawing our designs before bringing them to life using K'nex, it certainly wasn't as easy as we initially thought it would be!


After several adjustments to our designs we got to the fun part - testing the vehicles!


Fortunately, all of our creations worked however some were definitely more stable.



After our workshop we braved the weather and walked into the 'Old Town' to see how Christmas was celebrated back in the early 1900's. It gave us an opportunity to visit some of the shops and even the local garage so that we could see some of the early bicycles and motorbikes.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw how money in the Co-op was put away, we certainly weren't expecting to see money going inside of little balls and being sent along tracks in the ceiling until it reached the cash office!





Looking Around Beamish