Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Early Years Thursday 23.4.20


Hello Early Years. How did you do with finding words beginning with s yesterday?


Listen to the story ‘Who sank the Boat’ by Pamela Allen (if the link below doesn’t work you should be able to find it on youtube). Why do you think the boat sank? If you have a toy boat or could make a boat from scrap materials you could see how many objects you can place in the boat before it sinks. Is it always the same number of objects each time that makes it sink or does it depend on the size/weight of the objects you place in the boat? Is it always the same object that makes the boat sink?


Make a collection of objects and using a bucket of water or the sink or bath explore which objects float and which sink. You can make a chart to record which float/sink. Do you notice anything about the objects that float, are they always the same weight or made from the same material? Why do you think some of the things sank?


Have fun investigating!