Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6 Easter Holidays


Happy holidays everyone.


Firstly, a big well done and congratulations to all of you that have logged onto Spelling Shed, especially one young lady, who has managed an amazing 2 million points (currently 4th out of everyone in the school)! However, we’re currently in 5th place in our school league about 100,000 points behind 4th place. Come on I know you can do this and move us up the league.


As it is the Easter holidays I won’t be setting daily tasks for you to do. However I do have a few challenges and activities for you to work on over the break.


You could:


  • boil an egg and decorate it
  • make an Easter bonnet
  • make an Easter basket


If you do any of these take a photo and get an adult to help you to print it for your home learning book or put on the FB pages.

Here’s a few ideas that you can use as well. I know how creative you can all be. Impress me! Amaze me!

Also don’t forget to have some fun, play some board games with your family, do some baking, take part in an Easter egg hunt around the house and garden and of course eat lots of chocolate!


Enjoy your break and stay safe!