Swalwell Primary School

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UKS2 (Y5/6) Reading


It’s really important that you continue to practise your reading during your time at home.


Task 1


In your home learning pack you will find a few sheets where you need to read the instructions/text and answer some questions. They might involve pictures and diagrams so you will need to look at them carefully to work out how you need to answer them.


Some of the questions may just be recall – where the answer is written in the text or the diagram.


Others will be inference – this is where you need to use your skills to look at the clues and work out what the answer may be (like being a detective)


e.g. If the text said: Robert built a large snowman in the garden, he used a carrot for the nose and coal for the eyes and mouth.


The question is: What month did this happen in?


The answer could be December, January, February, March because they are Winter months and we may get snow then. The answer definitely wouldn’t be August as that is in our Summer and it doesn’t snow then.


Task 2




You will have an information sheet that looks like this to read about a young Japanese girl, who lived during World War 2. There are questions to answer after you have read the text. Remember to underline words/phrases to help you answer the questions.


Task 3

You can log onto Reading plus as often as you like to read short extracts from books and to try to increase your speed/scores.


Task 4

Don’t forget you can read books on and