Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 4 Home Learning Wednesday 20th May

Good morning everyone!


Here is your work for today:


English – We are going to continue working on your sentence structure today. Have a look at the picture below and write a simple sentence about it.



The owl told a story.


Now improve your sentence using the skills below one at a time:


  1. Fronted adverbial – Beneath a moonlit sky, the owl told a story.
  2. Adjective – Beneath a moonlit sky, the mysterious owl told a spooky
  3. Conjunction – Beneath a moonlit sky, the mysterious owl told a spooky story as the baby owls listened.
  4. Adverb – Beneath a moonlit sky, the mysterious owl told a spooky story as the baby owls listened


How many sentences can you write about this picture?


Maths – Answer the questions below and then explain to an adult how you solved them.


5186 + 2842 =

6000 – 874 =

5412 + _____ = 9871

6874 – _______ = 5214

8475 + ______ = 8975


Now try the challenge:



Science – I have a challenge for you this week! We have been learning all about sound and how it travels. We know that sound is caused by a movement which causes the air molecules to vibrate. We can represent sounds by drawing them in waves.


The taller the wave, the louder the sound.

The shorter the wave, the quieter the sound.

The closer together the waves, the higher the sound.

The further apart the waves, the lower the sound.


Have a look at the sound waves below and see if you can describe what the sound would be like. I have done the first one to help you.



Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine but remember to stay safe and drink lots of water!


Miss Grey