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Parent and Pupil Views

At Swalwell Primary School we feel that all our pupils should have a voice in the growth and development of our school. As a community school, parents and pupils are at the heart of everything we do. 


Children are routinely involved in small group pupil voice sessions sharing their thoughts and opinions on a range of school aspects such as bullying, behaviour, school visits and the curriculum.


Our school governors also attend regular pupil voice meetings and enjoy sharing in our pupil’s ideas and suggestions.


In Spring Term all pupils take part in a questionnaire which considers all aspects of school life. The results from the questionnaires are used by the management team to inform future planning. Children are also encouraged to use our school suggestion box if they have any ideas or suggestions they would like to share.


Year 6 Buddies support KS1 during break time sessions and feedback any issues to relevant members of staff.

Pupils are keen to be involved in charity efforts and raise funds many different charities including Macmillan Cancer Research, Children in Need, Comic Relief.


Please take a few moments to read some of our feedback from pupils and parents. 

Pupil Views


December 2022

'It's not right to judge someone for who they are'


'I'm proud to be at this school and proud to be a part of our community'


'There is no where in school where we are not safe'


'We are never treated differently because we are all the same'


'We are our ourselves and that is who we need to be'


'We learn that it is ok to be you and not to upset other for being different'

Parent Views



Yesterday was an emotional day as my daughter walked out of the Swalwell gates for the last time as a pupil so it seems an apt time as you go into summer to say a huge thank you to you all at Swalwell who have played a part in supporting her over the last 8 years and to you all who believe in the ethos of what is Swalwell Primary School.


That little dot all those years ago wheeled into nursery with a trachy, feeding tube, very few words and whole load of medical vulnerability leaves primary school as a confident, outgoing, independent young girl,  she is more than I could have ever dreamed of.  


Never underestimate the work you do with the SEN and ARMS kids, you change lives and not only that of the children! You create an environment  for all that is all inclusive, a place I never really believed existed when I was looking for a school and it's not the building but those who work inside it, you!


 I am SO proud to say my daughter went to Swalwell because you all changed our lives, she believes she can conquer the world .......what a gift you have given to that little girl who came through the doors all those years ago.




'I'm proud to say that my son has started at Swalwell Primary School!'


'What an emotional day! Thank you to each and every member of staff. We have loved our time here and the progress our daughter has made is amazing. We will be forever grateful!'


'Our children wouldn't be where they are without the staff. What a team!'


'Katie D and the school are doing an amazing job once again!'


'Lovely staff. My sons attended Swalwell and now my grandsons. Thank you to all staff.'


'Amazing school, amazing staff! Thank you!'


'Thank you to all staff, you do any amazing job everyday.'


'Wonderful work from the children! I think music and dance in school is such a fun and happy part of school life... well done to all!'


'What a brilliant bunch of kids we have. I want to say thank you to each and every one of them and wish them all the best for their next chapter in Year 7, I'm sure they'll be amazing! Today has been emotional but I am so proud and grateful to you all, what a school we have!'


'The children are all amazing. Little superstars! Well done to all involved, including all of the hard work from the lovely teachers.'


'We are one lucky family, thank you so much for our craft box. We are looking forward to a rainy craft day!'


'Swalwell children are little superstars. Well done to you all, and of course the teachers!'


'Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to the children in your care. Outstanding school with outstanding staff. Take care mind you!'


'Thank you Mrs Hocking- you're a credit to the school!'


'Thank you for always having the kids best intentions at heart.'


'This pandemic shows no sign of ending so well done to Swalwell for doing what is best for the children and community during this difficult time.'


'Our children are at the best school ever. Thank you so much to all the staff for all your hard work- it has not gone unnoticed!'


'Massive well done to all staff involved! Couldn't ask for better teachers.'

What does the Swalwell badge mean to you?

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