Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 20.5.2020


Good morning Year 1.


Phonics -This week we are practising the different code for /igh/. We have learnt /igh/ as in knight, /ie/ as in pie and/y/ as in cry. Today’s code is /i/ as in find. Try to find this code in books and magazines. Where does it come? At the beginning, middle or end?
Don’t forget you can practise these using book 26 on


English – At the end of the book George has to decide what to do about the rubbish. I want you to draw and write the last page. Will he jump in the pile of rubbish, eat some of it or be good and ignore it? You can write it on paper or use PurpleMash.


Maths – Today we looking at how to write the time. We record time in hours, minutes and seconds. Try the questions and activities below.

PE – Make an obstacle course that could be used by humans or your pets. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete it. Challenge your family to see if they can beat you.


Have a wonderful day.
Mrs Leaver