Swalwell Primary School

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Year 3 Home Learning 22.4.2020

Hi Year 3!


Hope you have settled back into your routine and are working hard from home. Here are you tasks for today:


English: Listen to the story The Egyptian Cinderella. Follow the links below to either listen to the story being read aloud or download a copy to read with a family member.


To listen to the story being read aloud, follow this link (sorry the voice is very annoying!)

The Egyptian Cinderella

To download a copy to read yourself, follow this link


After you’ve read the story, tell someone in your family what happened. Was your prediction correct? Write what you liked about the story, what you disliked, any patterns or similarities to other stories that you’ve read and write any questions you have about the story.


Maths: Today you are going to do some measuring. Can you measure the length of the rooms in your house using your feet? Start with your heel against the wall and count how many steps it takes for you to reach the other side. Measure the living room, your bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. Once you have have finished, can you put them in order from the longest to the shortest?


Computing: Log onto PurpleMash, your log in is at the front the front of your home learning book. Practise your typing skills by playing the game to see how quickly you can press the keys on the home row (the middle row).


Have a good day! Remember to try and get some exercise to stay fit and active.


Miss Foster