Swalwell Primary School

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Year 5/6 Home Learning Summer 2 Computing/DT


Time to have some fun with computing. Where would we be today if we didn’t have technology? Computers are a huge part of everything we do today. We’re going to look at some uses for computers in the world today and improve your skills whilst you learn.

Task 1

Read through the Powerpoint about where sensors can be found.

Sensors are used all over the world now, you probably even have some in your home!

Do you have something that is voice activated? That will have a sound sensor within it, when it hears a sound (your voice) it will react – something will happen.

Think about school. When you walk down a corridor or go into your classroom a light may switch on. This is because there are motion sensors in the lights that detect movement and the light will then go on.

Where else can you think  of sensors being used? Look around your house or think of school/shops/cars.

Add your ideas into the comments.


Task 2


More about sensors.


We’re now going to design a ride for a theme park, which will use sensors.

You will need to think how you’re going to use the sensors.

Remember when something is ‘sensed’ there must be a consequence (something MUST happen).




When I get into my car a pressure sensor in the seat will beep if I haven’t put my seat belt on – something like this could be used for a ride.

A motion detector would sense movement and could trigger a camera to take a photograph.

A speed sensor could detect if a ride was going too fast and immediately apply brakes to ensure it slows and comes to a halt safely.



Why not take a photograph of the theme park ride that you design and send it to school or add it to Facebook so that we can all see your amazing ideas.


Task 3


Now that you have designed your ride you need to decide on a theme.

Will it be scary? fun for young children? based on a film? about an animal?

Draw and annotate (label) your ride.

Look at my example – I know you can do a lot better!



What is your theme for your ride? Draw your car/train/vehicle.


Task 4


Now you need a name for your ride.

Think carefully about your theme.

You will need to design a sign to show off your name. You could draw it or use Paint or use Purple Mash.



Task 5


Did you enjoy the last few computing lessons?


Well we’ve got some  Minecraft programming for today. Carefully type in this website address. There are 4 Minecraft lessons for you to complete. Why not take a screenshot/photograph and send it to school or get an adult to help you put it on Facebook so we can see everything that you have done.