Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Another busy week

This week Year 6 have been amazing, they have listened carefully and their attitude to work has been superb.


The new routines of school and now embedded and they are prepared for every lesson.


We started our book for this half term, “The Island” by looking at the inhabitants of this strange place. The children have really impressed me with their vocabulary and have been able to find synonyms for adjectives to improve their writing further. If this is what they can produce in September I really can’t wait to see what their work will be like by the Summer!


They have been fully engaged in the topic of Victorians and were amazed by some of the inventions and innovations from the Victorian period. Did you know ice-cream was created by the Victorians? Why not ask the children about some of the other inventions that we have looked at. Our lives would certainly be very different now if it wasn’t for the Victorians!


On Friday, Year 6 created their own homopolar motors with Mrs Leaver. This involved using magnets, an AA battery and some copper wire. All of the children worked really well and persevered through a very difficult task.