Swalwell Primary School

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Year 4 Home Learning Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Everyone!


Well done for all of your efforts on Maths Shed to knock me off the top spot! I am still in 4th place so there is still time to beat me!


Here is your work for today:


English – Think about the animal you researched yesterday. Think about how you want to present this information e.g. Poster, Powerpoint, information page, information video. Be as creative as you can! However you decide to present your information, you will need to plan it first. Make notes in your Home Learning book to help you. Remember to use subheadings to group your information in to paragraphs. You can do some more research if you need to.

Maths – Here is an investigation for you to have a go at. Put your answers in your Home Learning book.



You could also explore this game:


Science – As part of our topic on State of Matter we need to learn about the Water Cycle. I have given you the link to a video and a website to help you learn about this. Once you have had a look at these, create a poster or labelled diagram to explain the different stages of the Water Cycle. You might want to do your own research too.


Don’t forget to ask a grown up to share photos of your work on our Facebook page!


Have a great day!

Miss Grey