Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 4 Home Learning Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning everyone!


I hope you all had a relaxing week off and managed to enjoy the sunshine! Can you believe it is June already?


Here is your work for today:


English – Look at the picture below and answer the questions. You will need to use your inference and prediction skills just like you do in reading lessons. Look for clues in the picture to help you answer the questions.



  1. What can you see? What do you think has happened/is happening/will happen? What do you wonder? See think wonder
  2. Where did the house come from?
  3. How do you think it got here?
  4. Who is the woman inside the house? Was she bothered by the ‘landing’? Give evidence to support your opinion.
  5. Why is she looking out of the window? What might she be thinking?
  6. Do you think she’ll stay here for long? Why/why not?
  7. Why do you think she came to this place? Where is this?
  8. If your house could travel, where would you like to go?


Maths – Try the times table challenge below:



Topic – Find out about the process of mummification in Ancient Egypt. There are some links below to help you. Once you have found out as much as you can, write a set of instructions on the process of mummification. Don’t forget  to write an introduction to explain why bodies were mummified.


PE – Make sure to stay active for at least half an hour today! You could try a Joe Wicks workout, Cosmic Kids Yoga or Just Dance. Or practice some skills such as throwing and catching, dribbling a ball, skipping, hula hooping, cycling or anything else you can think of!


Have a great day!


Miss Grey