Swalwell Primary School

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The Tiger Who Came To Swalwell

In Reception, our book this week was The Tiger Who Came To Tea! We were thrilled to find out that the tiger had visited our classroom!

We found clues all over - there were footprints in and around the classroom, the food in our home corner had been eaten and there was tiger hair all over the place! We knew we wanted to try and catch the tiger so we decided to make traps to see if he would come back. Some of us drew pictures for the tiger and we made wanted posters. Mrs Wicks was so impressed when we used our phonics to hear the initial sound in 'tiger' and then wrote it on the poster. We also decided to paint a big tiger to try to entice him into our classroom to visit us again. We took extra care to make sure that he had lovely stripes after we spent time looking at different animal skin patterns. Some of us also made pictures with pipe cleaners and practiced threading tiger stripes!