Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 Homelearning 6.5.2020


Good morning Year 1,


English – Yesterday we looked at a picture of children celebrating VE day in 1945. I would like you to plan a party to celebrate VE day now. You need to think about: What table decorations would you use? What kind of food and drinks would there be? Will there be a dress code? What type of music will be playing? Will there be any party games? Draw your party and add labels.


Maths – We are continuing to practise telling the time to the hour. Try the following reasoning problem. Practise this throughout the day. What time do you have breakfast? What time do you normally go to school? What time do you brush your teeth?



Art – For your party you may want Union Jack flags or bunting. Make and colour your flags or bunting. Below are templates to use.



Phonics – Today we have two new pieces of code for /ai/. /a/ as in table and a split digraph /a_e/ as in ape. A split digraph means the two letters will be split up by another letter and not sit together. You can practise these codes on Level 5 Book 25.


Have a fab day, miss you all.
Mrs Leaver