Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


25.3.2020 Home Learning

Good morning! Here are your activities for today.


English: Draw a story map to show where Humpty flew and what he saw on his first journey as a bird. Make him to meet one other character on his journey. Also think about how he would be feeling.


Maths: Cut out the multiplication cards in your home learning pack and jumble them up. Match the questions to the answers. Time yourself and see how quickly you can do it. Shuffle them and try it again. Can you beat your score? Ask an adult to check you have matched them correctly.


Computing: Log onto PurpleMash and complete the 2code Chimp 2do activity ‘Turtle’. You will find it in your alerts and 2do. Remember to log in through the school portal then use your personal log in details. These are at the front of your work book if you cannot remember them


PE: It is really important to stay fit and active, even while at home. Can you do at least 3 Just Dance videos or try completing PE with Joe Wicks the Body Coach. Each day he will be doing a 30 minute workout that you can do at home. Ask your family if they want to join in too! Click here to follow the link.