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Year 6 Home Learning Monday 4th May

Good morning everyone or should I say, “May the fourth be with you!”


I hope you’re all fit and well and have had a lovely weekend.


Work this week will be the usual mix of English, Maths, Science and Topic will be building towards Friday. It’s a special day on Friday and we all would have been off school. I wonder if anyone knows why? You could add it to the comments.


English – Last week, we looked at similes and metaphors. We will be using these in our writing this week. Can you remember our prediction for Mourning Dove? What did you think would happen?

What has happened? Why is she sad?  What will happen next? Make your prediction and tell me in the comments.


Reading – Buster’s Blitz on Purple Mash should be finished now. If you haven’t finished reading it and doing the chapter quiz spend some time now completing that.


Maths – Fractions to review and remember this week. Can you remember what you need to know to make fractions easier?


Tell someone at home what the two parts of the fraction are called – the ‘top number’  is the  ___________ and the ‘bottom number’ is the ______________.

Here’s an easy one to get you started.

Look carefully at the image – count the number of cows in the pen and the number that there are altogether



Drawing diagrams may help you or you may just be able to use your knowledge of times tables.




Now this one is a challenge! Think carefully.



Science – Purple Mash – light. Reflection and Surfaces.

Make sure that you use the help box on the left as it will give you things to think about to include on your poster.


Art – Remember to email school or add to Facebook your Year 6 logo designs. The first one I’ve received is our new logo for today. Or you could make one on Purple Mash and send it to me, just remember to say it’s the Y6 Logo!


Stay safe. See you tomorrow.


Maths answers

The ‘top number’  is the  numerator and the ‘bottom number’ is the denominator.

James is wrong. If there are four pieces left and half the pizza is left there would have been eight slices of a pizza cut into eight. 8/4 is a top heavy (improper) fraction and represents two pizzas cut into quarters!

4/6 = 2/3, 5/10 = 1/2, 9/15 = 3/5

6/8 = 3/4, 10/100 = 1/10, 7/7 = 1/1 which is 1!


Answers for the challenge tomorrow!