Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 5 Home Learning 26.03.2020


Good morning Year 5!


I hope you are all staying safe at home.


Here are today’s jobs.


English- Attached is a photograph of Ernest Shackleton. Compare this to the photograph of him that we looked at yesterday. When do you think this photograph was taken? Why has he changed so much? What has happened to him? How old do you think he is?


Maths- partition the following numbers in three different ways. For e.g. 25,839 has 25 thousands, 8 hundreds and 39 ones. It also has 2 ten thousands, 58 hundreds, 3 tens and 9 ones. It also has 258 tens and 39 ones.






PE- attached is the link to Joe Wicks.


Computing- I have set you a task on Purple Mash. You need to create a fact file about volcanoes on the app. I have provided key vocabulary to help you.


Miss Thielmann