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Hello Year 3!

Hello Year 3!


Here are your tasks for today.


English: Identify the subordinate conjunctions in these sentences. Rewrite them in your neatest handwriting in your home learning book and underline or circle the subordinate conjunction. Remember subordinate conjunctions join a main clause (a sentence that will make sense on its own) and subordinate clause (has a subordinate conjunction in and does not make sense on its own) to make a complex sentence e.g.

Lots of people live beside the River Nile because it is a good place to grow crops.
Because it is a good place to grow crops, lots of people live beside the River Nile.

The conjunction can be in the middle of the sentence or at the beginning. They are because, while, when, if, that, before, after

Before modern dams were built, the River Nile would flood every year.

The Red land was important because it protected Egypt from other countries that wanted to invade.

After the Nile flooded, it left the land covered in thick, black silt which was perfect for growing crops.

Traders travelled on the Nile to transport their goods while the Pharaohs enjoyed cruising up and down in luxury boats.

Maths: Yesterday we practised counting in 4s. Fill in the missing numbers in these sequences counting in 4s.



Now answer these multiplication questions.



You could also represent the multiplication facts by drawing or creating equal groups of 4 or arrays or drawing pictures. You could use things you have in the house like sweets, lego pieces, beads…



Topic: You have been researching and finding out all about the River Nile and farming this week. Use your knowledge to create a leaflet or a poster giving information all about farming and the River Nile in Ancient Egyptian times.  You can complete this in your Home Learning book, on a piece of paper or card or I have set a 2do template for you to use on Purple Mash if you would like. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Use the links to the web pages below to help you with your information.


Keep working hard and smiling!

Miss Foster