Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 1 Homelearning 29.4.2020


Good morning Year 1.

English – Today I would like you to look through the book ‘The Jolly Postman or other people’s letters’ and see what you can tell from the words and pictures about the Jolly Postman.
-What type of character is he?
-What does he like?
-What does he dislike?
-What questions would you like to ask him?
-What advise would you give him?



Maths – Practise counting in 2’s. What do you notice about the pattern? Are they odd or even? You can practise counting in 2’s by ordering the numbers using this game:


Phonics – Practise the codes /s/ /ss/ and /ce/. Can you remember where we find each piece of code, the beginning, middle or end? Can you write word lists for each spelling?

Science – When we get mail it comes in different packages (envelopes, bags, cardboard). The postmen and women have to deliver mail no matter what the weather. I want you to investigate the best material to use to keep the mail dry. Use a range of materials and test how waterproof they are. Does it need to have any other properties? e.g. flexible, opaque, lightweight.


Have a great day!

Mrs Leaver