Swalwell Primary School

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Year 4 Home Learning Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Year 4!


Here is your work for today:


English – For the rest of this week we are going to concentrate on writing accurate sentences.

Look at the picture below and write a simple sentence about it.



e.g. The boat sailed across the sea.


Now try to improve your sentence by following the following steps:


  1. Add a fronted adverbial (Beneath a stormy sky, the boat sailed across the sea.)
  2. Add an expanded noun phrase (Beneath a stormy sky, the boat sailed across the stormy sea towards the rocks.)
  3. Add an adjective or two (Beneath a stormy sky, the rickety, wooden boat sailed across the stormy sea towards the rocks.)
  4. Extend your sentence with a conjunction (Beneath a stormy sky, the rickety, wooden boat sailed across the stormy sea towards the rocks while lightning struck down on the waves.)


How many sentences can you write?


Maths – This week we are going to recap our basic skills in Maths. We will start with addition and subtraction. Answer the questions below then explain to an adult or sibling how you solved each question:


  1. 3451 + 879 =
  2. 2184 – 348 =
  3. 5000 – 587 = (How could you make this easier to solve?)
  4. 1876 + _____ = 8245
  5. 1846 + 500 =


Now try this challenge:



PE – How will you keep active today? I have shared some videos below if you need ideas.


Computing – I have set you some work on PurpleMash.


Have a great day!


Miss Grey