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Year 6 Home Learning Friday 1st May

How can it be May already?

A challenge for you today that covers a few lessons!

English/History/Computing – Research the Blitz. What information can you find out. When did it start? What was it? When did it end? What happened during the Blitz? How did it make people feel?

This video will help you.


Did you know? At the peak of the Blitz,177,000 Londoners slept in the tube system for safety!

Remember your similes and metaphors yesterday? Now you need to apply this to help you think how people  would have felt.


You have a choice today in your task. You can:

  • write a poem about the Blitz, you could use feelings and emotions to help describe it. It could be written on paper or you could choose to use Purple Mash.
  • write a few paragraphs about the Blitz, a non-chronological report explaining all about it
  • imagine the house next door to you was bombed, write a newspaper report about it


Art – can you design me a new Year 6 logo for our work. If you can get an adult to add it to our facebook page or to email it to school, I will use the ones we receive as our new logo. You could draw it by hand, use felt tip pens/paints or you could even be brave and design it on a computer/ipad. Remember you may want to use a background as part of the design.


Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe