Swalwell Primary School

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Weekly Wellbeing 22.1.2021


Good Morning Everyone!


Can you believe it is Friday again


As you know, wellbeing is very important to us at Swalwell Primary School and we’d love to continue our wellbeing activities with you at home.


This week, we would like you to join us with our “Doodle and Draw” activity. It has been proven that drawing and colouring in can significantly reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel very relaxed. It is a great activity for mindfulness.


This week, we would like you to get the whole family involved in designing your own family crest or logo. One of our Year 5 pupils designed this one in school to give you some ideas. Perhaps you could create a section for each member of the family or maybe you could create one altogether and include all of the values that are important to your family. You can draw, write, colour, cut and stick! The most important thing is that you enjoy yourselves

Don’t forget to send us your finished results!


Have a relaxing weekend.