Swalwell Primary School

Working together, learning together


Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. 

Adults who help us in our learning are: Mr Warren, Miss Bousfield and Mrs Hall. 


























Welcome to Year 6, the final chapter of primary school. A year of exciting opportunities, rewarding experiences and challenge! This is the year to shine.


As well as reaching academic potential, there will be plenty of opportunities for pupils to participate in key roles and responsibilities within the school that will equip them for their transition to secondary school.

In Year 6 pupils will be expected to work hard but in return, they are rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take them onto their next adventure

As part of our study of Ancient Greece, we have been developing our skills using clay to create Amphoras, clay vessels which were used to transport Wine and Grain around the world on boats. We focused upon making the neck and handles of the amphoras manipulating the clay in different ways. 

Performing Poetry - Benjamin Zephaniah

Year 6 have been studying the work of Benjamin Zephaniah and his poem 'The British'. We have performed the poem to the class focusing on our performance mirroring Benjamin's 'Dub Poet' style using volume, tone and expression to entertain our audience. We particularly enjoyed discussing the themes of the poem around acceptance, respect and justice for all as part of our British Society. 

This week, Year 5 and 6 were super lucky to have a visit from Durham University Museum staff. David and Olivia were experts on Ancient Greece and we learnt so much from the day. We started by becoming museum detectives, we explored ancient artefacts and made predictions about what we though they were and what they might tell us about life in Ancient Greece. We then learnt about votive offerings which were small objects offered to the Gods by Ancient Greek people. We used clay to make our own votive offerings. To finish off the day, we acted out a Greek play which included lots of deception and gruesome deaths! 

Holy Trinity Visit

We visited Holy Trinity Church to take part in the Christmas Experience. We learned about each stage of the Christmas Story from Joseph and Mary's journey from Nazareth to the Birth of Jesus and what he represented to the world upon his arrival. We had a great morning and were made to feel very welcome in our local church. 

Christmas Crafts

This week we made Christmas Crafts to decorate our classroom as December arrives! We made Rudolph Triangles, Tinsel Angel Wings and Tissue Paper Wreaths with the help of our wonderful parents and fabulous families while the Christmas music was playing to get us in the festive mood

Video Production

As part of our Computing curriculum, Y6 have been exploring video production by looking at different filming techniques such as talking head, long shot, close up, panning and high angle. We used a range of camera angles to create our videos before editing and stitching them to produce some wonderful final pieces. 

As part of History Disability Week at school we have learned about Louis Braille and his amazing system of Braille. We explored the ingenious concept of the 6 dots and how they are combined to represent all of the letters and punctuation marks of the written alphabet. We decoded messages, wrote the alphabet and deciphered secret messages.

We had a great time working with coaches from Blaydon Grapplers learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. we learned how to hold, defend and grapple with our partners - everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try this new sport with some fantastic skills on display and a few hidden talents coming out! 

As part of our Science topic we have been investigating electrical circuits and identifying the key components and their scientific symbols. We had a great time creating circuits including switches, bulbs, motors and buzzers exploring the impact of adding more components into the circuit. 

Glow Event - Understanding Road Safety

We attended Swalwell Community Centre to take part in a Glow Event with MP Liz Twist which helped us learn about Road Safety and understanding brain injuries. We had a great time exploring an HGV cab and a police car to help us understnad further the dangers on the roads. 

Floodland: Writing for effect in Year 6

We have been replicating an authors style using short sentences to build atmosphere in our writing as we described Zoe's escape from the island in Floodland. We then performed our fantastic work to the class using expression and tone.