Swalwell Primary School

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Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning everyone. I’m certainly missing all of your chatter this morning! I hope that you’re all doing well.


English – Yesterday, you should have been working on your mind map/notes about Pandora. We’re going to choose one section of it today to rewrite as a paragraph for our non-chronological report.


e.g. Landscape – constantly moving, floating mountains – Hallelujah Mountains, waterfalls, rainforest similar to the Amazon Basin – larger than anything found on Earth, unobtainium mines, bioluminescence


What to include:


  • From the sky
  • Floating mountains
  • Under the canopy/trees
  • Night time Glow – bioluminescence
  • What you might hear/feel/smell/taste/see
  • Include  interesting adjectives/nouns.
  • Use similes and metaphors
  • Higher level punctuation  – ( ) : ;


You can write this on paper or on 2Write on Purple Mash


Maths – more decimals today. Hopefully yesterday’s work reminded you about decimals.

To change a fraction into a decimal you need to find an equivalent fraction with 10, 100 or 1000 as the denominator. Look at my example above.


What decimal is equivalent?



Find the equivalent fraction and decimal.

Reading – 30mins on Reading plus


Computing – Did you enjoy the last few computing lessons? Well we’ve got some more Minecraft programming for today.

Can you do one of the 4 lessons that they have, you can choose which one. Make sure that it isn’t one that you have already done!


Maths Answers:

The blue place value counter representation doesn’t belong as it shows 0.4. Whereas, the other representations all have totals of 0.6 or equivalent fractions or decimals, such as three fifths as shown by the bar model.


2/5 = 4/10 = 0.4

1/50 = 2/100=0.02

7/50 = 14/100 = 0.14